18 MOSFET TOSHIBA Sine Wave Controller


Infineon Clone 18 MOSFET Toshiba controller – Rated at 72V Nominal / 120V Max. and 60A Continuous / 90A Peak.

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We developed this 18 MOSFET controller to be remarkably potent. Based on the popular Infineon board design, this controller is user-programmable with a windows PC. We use 120V capacitors, in tandem with the truly impressive Toshiba TK72E12N1 MOSFETs, which allow this controller to operate at up to 120V maximum voltage. We rate this controller at 60A Continuous / 100A Max Current.  We do recommend using these with 72V (20S) batteries and lower, so as to leave some voltage headroom for useful regenerative braking.
A Cycle Analyst 6-pin connector, 5-pin programming header, and CA-V3 compatible connectors for throttle and ebrake inputs, are standard. The phase wires are 4mm2 (About 11 AWG) and have gold-plated XT150 connectors (Female). The battery wires are also 4mm2 and terminated with an XT90 connector. All mating connectors are included, including an Anti-Spark XT90 connector. Other features of this controller include copper bar “beefed” traces, regenerative braking (Direct Drive hub motors only), and Flux Weakening with up to 30% over-speed of normal motor RPM. Other sellers will usually charge you extra for these features. Don’t get suckered!
*For Brushless DC motors with Hall Sensors.

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