45mm – 3000W “V3” Direct Drive Hub Motor


45mm Direct Drive Hub motor, “V3” Stator

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We have these 45mm / 3000W Direct Drive Hub Motors customized with 4.0mm2 phase wires to provide superior performance in all riding conditions. The stator is a “V3 design, which consists of a cast aluminum stator core, and 0.35mm thick silicone steel laminations, as well as an enlarged axle to allow for the 4.0mm2 phase wires, and provides additional strength. This motor is perfectly suited to pair with our Sine Wave controllers, and make it a blast to ride.

Specifications include:

Winding Options = 3T with phase resistance of about 0.080 Ohms, and a Kv of about 12 RPM per volt, or 4T with phase resistance of about 0.110 Ohms, and a KV of about 9 RPM per volt
Phase Wires: 4.0mm2 with 2 sets of Halls & KTY83/110 Temp Sensors. (1 Spare, unused – in case of hall sensor failure)
Connectors: XT150 Connectors on the Phases, and JST-SM 6-PIN connectors on the sensors.
Spoke Holes: 3.4mm diameter, which is ideal for 12G (2.6mm) Spokes. 36H only.
Drop-Out: 142mm between the axle flats. Overall axle Length is 220mm, M14 Axle Size

*Motor is “non-Branded”, although may include the MXUS 3K-Turbo, as our stock allows. Non-branded motors are guaranteed to perform equal to the MXUS 3K-Turbo. 

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