Build Your Own Hub Motor Kit


We developed this Direct Drive Hub Motor kit to exceed any comparably priced Ebike Bike kit currently on the market. To put it simply, this kit will impress you with it’s power and efficiency. We know you want quality and durability, and that’s what this kit delivers.

Motor: Choose from our 35mm or 45mm Direct Drive Hub Motor options. The 35mm Motor options are good for up to 3000W of total system power and the 45mm motor options are good for up to 6000W of total system power.

Rim: Choose from our selection of high-quality rims, including the SunRingle MTX33 – 24″ or 26″ rims, MTX39 – 26″ Rim, or Rhyno Lite 29er rim.

Controller: Our Sine Wave Infineon Clone controllers pack a punch. Just make sure your battery can handle these power-hungry little beasts. The 12FET irfb4110 controller is the standard, and works well with a 48V to 60V nominal Battery, with a max input voltage of 95V, and outputs 50A of current. Or if you want to get a little crazy, upgrade to the 18FET Toshiba controller, and crank the current up to 100A. And we even offer the 6FET 30A Controller, for when you want to run a lower-current battery option, such as the popular Shark and Dolphin style packs.

Display: We designed our kits to be fully compatible with the Grin Tech Cycle Analyst Series of Displays. You can choose from the standard V2.4 for simple battery monitoring, or the V3 to have a more robust and configurable set-up, including motor overheat prevention and Throttle signal processing to keep those wheelies to a minimum.

Throttle: Our favorite throttle – a 1/2-Twist type with integrated 3-speed switch, and power on button, that plugs right into our Controllers for true plug & play compatibility.

Ebrake Levers: Standard Pull Mechanical Ebrake levers, compatible with most Rim & Mechanical disc brake sets.

Freewheel: Choose from an 18T Single Speed Freewheel for simplicity (You don’t plan on pedaling a lot), or the DNP 7-Speed freewheel, if you want to always be in the best gear to help the motor out.

Torque Arms: Hub motors exert a massive rotational force at their axle. Torque arms secure the motor’s axle to the frame, and prevent the axle from slipping and damaging the frame.

Battery is not included, but you can add one to your order here.


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