Recommended technique for soldering connectors on phase wires


Some of the kits we sell require the purchaser to solder on their own connectors for the motor’s phase wires. You may also want to shorten the cable from the motor to your controller for a tidy installation, and doing so would also require you to solder on new connectors to your motor’s phases. We put together instructions for our preferred way to perform this relatively easy task. We also recommend doing this with an 80-Watt or higher soldering iron.


Step 1: Strip the insulation off of the Phase Wire about ¼”

Step 2: Apply solder to the bare phase wire. (called pre-tinning).

Step 3: Secure the Connector. I like to use a block of wood with the proper size hole drilled to insert the connector end. The “cup” of the connector should be facing up. You can also use other methods of holding the connector.

Step 4: Fill the cup with a bit of solder.

Step 5: While the solder is still molten hot (liquid), insert the phase wire, and hold in place until the solder cools and hardens. It should just take a few seconds to cool and set. If the solder hardens before you get the wire inserted, it’s OK to reheat the connector cup with the iron. You want to be sure the wire gets a good solder connection to the connector.

Step 5 Complete: The Wire & connector should look like this, and the wire should be firmly in place:

Step 6: Apply Heat Shrink Tube (Color coordinate with Wire color if desired, but not required) over the connector. For Male connectors, leave the “pin” portion of the connector exposed, so it can be inserted into the mating female connector.

Step 7: Heat the Shrink Tubing with a heat gun or other heat source, and shrink it onto the wire and connector barrel.

And you are complete!

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